The property buying process in Turkey is generally an easy process provided you follow some certain recommended guidelines. MMHOMEX follow you through every step of the process and ensures you a smooth and safe property purchase transaction. 

Step 1:    Sign up for a business trip or reserve some time from your holiday to view suitable properties regarding your requirements with the help from our local sales professionals.

Step 2:    When you have made your decision about buying a property we will sign up for a sales contract including all the detailed information about the property, conditions and payment plan. To secure your property a minimum deposit of %10 is paid when signing the contract. This amount is later deducted from the purchase price. The general rule of purchasing is that the full purchase price must have been paid by the time the buyer receives the title deed. 

Step 3:    We will assist you in all practical needs such as:

    - Opening bank account
    - Obtaining your tax number
    - Providing a power of attorney 

The process of giving a power of attorney in Turkey is not taking more than a couple of hours but it must be notarized at the notary office and translated by an authorized translator. The power of attorney gives us the possibility to act on your behalf all and sign all necessary documents to complete the purchase. *Please note that by giving a Power of Attorney you are not giving any legal claim over your property. The title deed (TAPU) will be registered in the buyer's name only*

MMHOMEX will make a control of the property’s title deed ( TAPU ) and ensures that:

- the seller is the person stated on the title deed and has permission to sell
- there are no outstanding charges or bills relating to the property
- necessary building permissions and licenses for the property have been obtained

The process of obtaining the title deed ( TAPU ) for a foreign citizen is taking about 3-5 days. 

After the title deed ( TAPU ) is received in your name we will help you to arrange the registration of the electric- and water abonnement etc.