MMHOMEX will help you to sell your property by getting the maximum coverage of potential buyers, the shortest time for sale and a price that is the most favorable for you.

Our company will be happy to assist you. We will advise you of the best possible and most acceptable price, according to the current state of the real estate market.

As we work professionally in the rental market, we also receive inquiries for the purchase of apartments. This increases the number of buyers and reduces sales periods. We only give realistic forecasts based on knowledge of the current supply and demand situation in order to sell your property as soon as possible at a price that is the best for you.

If needed, our company will take photos of your property. Afterward, your property will be advertised on our website. MMHOMEX will show your property to potential clients, help prepare the necessary documents for the implementation of the transaction and discuss with you the terms and conditions of the sales contract.

With years of experience in real estate, we will help you through all phases of the sale quickly and professionally. Sometimes, the owner may not be able to be on site to complete the transaction. The availability of a power of attorney allows us to complete the sale even in the absence of the customer. It can be very convenient for the seller if the amount for the sold property is transferred to an account specified by him. You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone call for more information about our viewing trip to Alanya.