One of the hardest parts of having a holiday home in another country is to maintain the complex in a good condition. Because you will come all the way from your home country to relax in the sun.

By the time you arrive in your apartment, everything must be up and running in the complex. That's where our job starts. We make sure that all the facilities and activities are working properly. As Mmhomex we take all the responsibility to keep your complex in perfect shape so you can have a peaceful holiday.


Which Services do we Provide When we Manage a Complex?

  • Transparency at site management. That’s the best way to manage a complex.
  • Hiring night guard gardener and caretaker. Keeping up all the paperwork about their working process.
  • Arranging complex’s staff annual vacation plan and replaces their position with temporary employee.
  • Following up severance compensation if any staff member quits.
  • Registering all the staff of the complex to legal state departments.
  • Making legal arrangements for occupational health and analyzing safety laws to have it up to date. Completing staff training process.
  • Collecting monthly maintenance fees and taking legal action against the ones who don’t make payments.
  • We will follow up payment receipts and bookkeeping
  • Checking the conditions of buildings, garden, and staff, coordinating maintenance of the entire complex, and making sure all the premises are clean and neat for residents.
  • When needed calling a plumber or electrician and making sure they have done the necessary work in the proper way at the end of the work. Our experienced personnel will give you this service.
  • Keeping up all necessary management details and taking all the responsibility to make any upgrades in the complex.
  • Getting ready for the annual residents’ meeting. We assure you all this process will be followed by our company and procedure will be based on rules and regulations. All the decisions taken during the meeting will be valid by property ownership’s law.
  • Getting estimated expenses from suppliers for the painting of necessary spots on buildings and making sure to get the best offer and if any supplier is reliable. We will give those estimates to the board to have its approval after evaluation.
  • Keeping up bookkeeping and register financial documents at the notary
  • Having communal areas and buildings insured and checking fire equipment periodically.
  • Analyzing income and expenses balance, having ready annual accounting reports, and closing current fiscal year accounting books.
  • Keeping up any kind of defects and repairs in the complex and making sure those are fixed with the lowest cost and best labor available in the market.
  • Following up all kinds of legal correspondence with any state offices.